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HMZ provides service in electrical, generator, mechanical engineering, fire fighting system and maintenance of buildings including repairing and servicing of electrical, water pumps, genset and main switch boards.

HMZ being the service provider of flexible workspaces brings with it GREAT responsibility. We seek to keep sustainability at the core of how we conduct business.


The electrical service provided supply, repair, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance for buildings; and even town lights through to an extensive range and related work including every kind of electrical system for commercial and public clients.
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Over our years of trading HMZ has supplied and installed many Genset of varying sizes from Residential, Commercial, Hospital and Hotel etc. HMZ also provide repair, complete servicing, designing the standby and temporary generator for dwelling automatic mains failure backup facilities. And we also provide the Professional Engineer and Electrical Contractor for prepare drawing and documentation for apply Genset License with
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We have considerable experience of designing appropriate water pump systems to deal with all of the commonly encountered water quality problems. We know how important your water supply is to you we prioritise all repairs and efficient turn around to all type of water pump and motor such as Swimming Pool, Fountain, Fish Pond, Water Tank, Sewage Treatment Plant etc; We have a fully equipped workshop and our engineers are well qualified and experienced in pump repair and the testing of all pump types.
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Design and installation of High technology fire prevention system; Supply and repair fire preventive system parts; Upgrading of Fire Preventive System and Scheduling Maintenance of Fire Preventive System.
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Now days in hotels, hospitals, resorts and many other commercial sectors Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the most important facilities and In these sectors the space constraint is one of the common concerns. By considering this points HMZ is offering an Underground STP. Our underground sewage treatment plant requires low maintenance and is known for providing harmless water after the treatment process. premises. HMZ also provides repair and clean water tank To ensure rainwater collected in your tank remains clean and fresh, it is important to properly maintain your tank. Part of this maintenance involves cleaning out the
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Our installations are nationally recognized that comply to the necessary safety standards. This is to ensure safe and effective protection from lightning strikes. The primary purpose of earthing is to avoid or minimize the danger of electrocution, fire due to earth leakage of current through undesired path and to ensure that the potential of a current carrying conductor does not rise with respect to the earth than its designed insulation. To protect human lives as well as provide safety to electrical devices and appliances from leakage current, Protect Electric system and buildings form lighting and avoid the risk of fire in electrical installation systems are the basic needs of Earthing.
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HMZ has provided the maintenance and supply of street light to many commercial and public applications. As example we has supplied and installed the lantern and street light arm for Berjaya Hills Bukit Tinggi and replaced Street Light Pole for Tan Chong Holdings Sdn Bhd etc. In addition HMZ has been instrumental in the supply, installation and maintenance of annual festival lighting and power for numerous councils.
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HMZ is one of the company that the practical technician selected for training. More than hundred of practical technician has successful completed the training in HMZ. Now day we know that the Electrical Technician need to Multi-Skills and HMZ also provide Electrical Technician the knowledge of procedures for Mechanical repair and Building maintenance service, to ensure them understand the equivalent experience of M & E knowledge, skill and ability to carry out minor repairs within their skill base. Problem solve technical issues, fault diagnosis, solution finding, pans and priorities own ongoing
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